Australian Digital Radio Listening Reaches Milestone

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Australian Digital Radio Listening Reaches Milestone

Nov 18, 2014 9:17 AM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

SYDNEY� Three million people are now listening each week to DAB+ digital radio in the five metropolitan capitals of Australia, according to GfK survey 7 figures released by Commercial Radio Australia today.

Australia''s commercial radio industry is succeeding in its efforts to increase awareness of digital radio in the five cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, and Brisbane) and will shortly announce the launch of a digital radio Christmas campaign. Commercial radio companies, plus the Australian Broadcasting Company and SBS (the Special Broadcasting Service) support digital radio and the industry has suggested the Australian Government should establish a Digital Radio Industry Planning Committee which would work on a timetable for phased rollout of additional services, possibly starting as early as 2017.

DAB+ figures show listening and sales of digital radios continue to outperform expectations. There are now over 23% of people in the five state capitals where DAB+ is available, listening on a DAB+ digital radio device. Furthermore, sales of DAB+ devices have reached more than 1.7 million, and with the addition of the number of vehicles sold with DAB+, the total number of DAB+ devices in the country is about 1.9 million. Twenty vehicle manufacturers in Australia are now including digital radio as standard or an option, including Toyota, Lexus, Jaguar, Ford, Mini, Mercedes Benz, Hino, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, McLaren, Nissan, Aston Martin, Land Rover, Isuzu, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari and Fuso.


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Digital radio listening has increased in Australia during the first survey for 2015, with 3.2 million people (24.2% of listeners)now listening each week using a DAB+ digital radio in the five metropolitan capitals of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra