Author Blasts Ineffectiveness of Streaming Radio During French Anti-Terror Protests

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Author Blasts Ineffectiveness of Streaming Radio During French Anti-Terror Protests

Jan 21, 2015 11:05 AM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

PARIS�An interesting article written by Olivier Oddou in lalettre last Wednesday points out failures in IP distribution of �radio'' in France. Using Google translate, the headline, followed by the subtext, translate as follows: �GIANT FAILURE IP RADIO LAST SUNDAY Made unnoticed in the national emotion of last weekend, IP radios have been a giant failure last Sunday in Paris, in the heart of national solidarity demonstrations against terrorism.�

Evidently, due to the sheet mass of protesters, the communications normally provided via smartphones, using the internet, were completely unavailable.

Commentary from the author (again, using Google Translate): �Thus, IP radio, with all its diversity, was absent from what was probably the largest demonstration ever seen in our nation. At a time when the radio is considering its technological future (and hence its future for short), this story is a very clear message to policy makers in the radio. Not the FM debate against RNT (digital radio) well known, but the future of the radio broadcast from the radio as unicast IP. Where each listener occupies one end of bandwidth, which, if it is not infinite (which is impossible), quickly becomes saturated.�

This is a very high concept for a newspaper meant for the general public, but the author is saying reliance on IP unicast connections is simply not going to work for mass communications.

The author went on (I''ve modified the translation very slightly): �The solutions offered today by IP-only manufacturers (will) gradually lead to the extinction of the radio as we know it today. A reference media, universal, accessible to all and everyone--if the radio cannot be present at the appointment of a single nation like last Sunday, it will progressively become a second-rate media, and third plan, before dying definitely.�