BE Radio Currents Online - Mar 25 - Apr 07, 2002

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BE Radio Currents Online - Mar 25 - Apr 07, 2002

Apr 1, 2002 12:00 PM

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Audio Engineering Society ReleasesTutorial CD-ROM

New York - Apr 4, 2002 - The Audio Engineering Society's Technical Council has launched a tutorial project on CD-ROM, Perceptual Audio Coders: What to Listen For. Developed by the Technical Committee on Coding of Audio Signals, and produced by Dr. Markus Erne, the CD-ROM is the first of its kind to be produced by the AES. It has been developed to familiarize audio engineers, broadcast engineers, and students of audio with the underlying principles of perceptual audio coding.

For more than forty years audio professionals have been trained in listening to conventional audio artifacts using analog equipment. Perceptual audio coding is a relatively new field and exhibits completely different types of artifacts. Perceptual Audio Coders: What to Listen For will be especially helpful to audio professionals, including engineers, designers, and students who are presented with audio material that has undergone audio compression, in which the process of coding artifacts takes place.

The CD-ROM demonstrates the sonic side of audio technology, providing examples of various types of audio coding artifacts. The artifacts are sorted according to type and severity as audio files, which enable listeners to enhance their ability to recognize these artifacts. Listeners are first presented with distortion grades that are obvious and then proceed to more subtle ones.

Because generic properties of coding algorithms are considered, the nature of the artifacts presented in the CD-ROM applies to virtually all current coding schemes. In addition to the CD-ROM's inclusion of eight different chapters on audio coding artifacts, there are three tutorials on audio coding principles designed to familiarize the reader with the underlying technology.

Computer-platform-independent HTML navigation is offered, meaning that any WWW-browser on any computer platform can be used to read the disk, and the CD-ROM can also can be played on any conventional CD player, using the accompanying booklet as a guideline.

Perceptual Audio Coders: What to Listen For, is available for purchase at $20.00 for nonmembers, $15.00 for members and $10.00 for student members. The student pricing makes it possible for students to acquire personal copies of this valuable resource. Libraries, research labs, and institutes can obtain a volume discount.

BE Radio Mic Winner Enjoys HisReward

Mar 28, 2002 - In February, BE Radio announced the winners of its annual Find the Mic sweepstakes. The winner of a Neumann KMS105 mic, Lyle Wood, president of the Hold On America companies of St. Petersburg, FL, reports on his experience.

"While sounding as good or better than our best large diaphragm mics, the KMS105 is also 99.9 percent pop-free. One of our announcers has always had a popping problem. We switched her to the 105 with no cover or screen, and she has yet to pop a p. It also adds a mellow quality to her voice that sounds great. This is my first Neumann, but it won't be the last. We've budgeted for two more in our 2003 fiscal."

Hold On America creates telephone messages-on-hold, radio production and website audio. The comnpany was founded in 1984.

Don't forget to save the 2002 issues of BE Radio magazine: find the hidden mic on each cover and enter the annual sweepstakes, and you could win your own mic or other studio accessory. The sweepstakes will begin after the publication of the December 2002 issue and will last until mid-January. Winners will be announced in the February 2003 issue. See if you can find them all.

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New Location for EAS Meeting atNAB2002

Las Vegas - March 27, 2002 - The April 9 SBE-EAS Meeting at NAB2002 has been moved from the Las Vegas Hilton to the Las Vegas Convention Center Room N232. The meeting will be held from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The room and time change is to allow for the greater anticipated attendance and to remove a potential scheduling conflict with another meeting during the convention.

The proposed meeting agenda includes:

  • Review of the new EAS rules
  • Amber alerts
  • The Seattle NOAA Experiment
  • Local Relay Networks, the key to making EAS work
  • Dial-up Local Relay Networks
  • EAS and DTV

    The meeting will be led by Clay Freinwald, CPBE, chairman of the SBE EAS Committee. Also presenting will be Richard Rudman, CPBE, chairman of FCC NAC, Bob Wyatt, chairman of the newly created SBE/DTV-EAS Committee, and Chris Murray, SECC chairman for Oregon.

AES Calls for Comments on CartChunk

New York - Mar 9, 2002 - The Audio Engineering Society Standards Committee has called for comments on the adoption of AES46-xxxx, which will provide a convention for communicating basic radio traffic and continuity data via a dedicated chunk embedded in broadcast WAVE file compliant WAVE files. The complete document can be viewed at

Address comments by mail to the AESSC Secretariat, Audio Engineering Society, 60 E 42nd St., New York NY 10165; or by e-mail to E-mail is preferred. Only comments so addressed will be considered. Comments that suggest changes must include proposed wording. Comments must be restricted to this document only. Send comments to other documents separately.


Richardson and Rohde& Schwarz Sign Distribution Agreement

LaFox, IL - Apr 3, 2002 - Richardson Electronics, a global provider of engineered solutions for RF and wireless, communications and broadcast products, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Rohde & Schwarz, a manufacturer of communications and test and measurement instruments. Under the terms of this agreement, the Broadcast Richardson Business Unit will handle all of the marketing, sales and technical support of Rohde & Schwarz products on an exclusive basis in Mexico.

The partnership will offer such products as a complete family of FM and TV transmitters, technical support, logistics, local inventory and financing to meet customer needs in Mexico.

XM Hits High Subscriber Mark

Washington, DC - Apr 1, 2002 - XM Satellite Radio has exceeded most Wall Street analyst expectations for first quarter subscriber growth, ending with more than 76,000 total subscribers as of March 31, 2002. XM more than doubled its subscribers in the first quarter.

XM has a target goal of 350,000 subscribers by the end of 2002, a goal that the company believes it will acieve. Hugh Panero, XM CEO, noted that the majority of XM subscriber growth has come from consumer retail distribution. XM also expects significant growth from the automotive sector in the second half of the year, when XM will become available in a variety of new car models.

Beginning this fall, General Motors will offer XM on 23 models including the Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Olds, and Pontiac car lines. GM already offers XM in Cadillac Devilles and Sevilles. In addition, participating Isuzu dealers will also offer to install XM radios in Axiom and Rodeo models beginning in April 2002. Isuzu also has designed and developed a mounting kit that allows all Isuzu Axioms and all 1998 and newer Isuzu Rodeos to be easily retrofitted with an XM radio. Last week Nissan announced that satellite radio systems will be available in select 2003 model Nissan and Infiniti division vehicles beginning later this year. Models include the Infiniti Q45 performance luxury sedan, the Infiniti G35, the Infiniti I35 luxury sedan along with the Nissan Pathfinder sport-utility vehicle and the Nissan Murano crossover SUV.

Volkswagen of America, which also encompasses Audi of America, signed distribution agreements to offer Volkswagen and Audi customers in the United States satellite radio services in coming years.

Sirius Accelerates NationalLaunch Plans

New York - Mar 27, 2002 - Sirius Satellite Radio is expanding and accelerating its regional rollout plan for its satellite radio service. Following the company�s service launch that began February 14 in Denver, Houston, Phoenix and Jackson, Sirius will now offer service to 39 states over the next 60 days, with full nationwide distribution available July 1.

Earlier this year, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company announced a regional rollout strategy that targeted one city at a time. In accelerating its nationwide rollout, the company will introduce service on a state-by-state basis, beginning in April with Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa. Nevada, Utah, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana will be completed by May 1. This will be followed by more states in the Midwest, the South and, finally, the far West and far East sections of the country, completing the nationwide roll out by July 1 instead of August 1.

Sirius radios are currently available in nearly 200 storefronts in the company�s initial markets, including major retail outlets like Circuit City, Best Buy, Car Toys, Ultimate, Tweeter and independent audio specialty dealers. Retail availability will increase dramatically, reaching approximately 3,500 retail outlets by July 1.

Ecreso Develops SalesDepartment

Bordeaux-Castres-Gironde, France - Mar 27, 2002 - Within the frame work of its reorganization, Ecreso - RFTS Broadcast is expanding its sales department with the addition of an export director and a sales and communication manager. This reorganization comes after two years of strategic positioning on the domestic market. The second phase of the strategy addresses a launch that will result in a higher visibility and technological awareness world-wide.

Philippe Codogno is the sales manager for the French Market. Codogno has a strong knowledge in the broadcasting field and can respond to any sales or technical questions.
Albert Pouliquen is the export sales director. Pouliquen spent almost 25 years working on the African market. He has a great experience in turn-key radio station studies and designs.
Sophie Lion Poulain is the sales and communication manager. Poulain has been working almost three years in the broadcasting field. She speaks English and Spanish fluently and now manages the marketing efforts on the European and American Markets for Ecreso - RFTS Broadcast. She is also responsible for Ecreso's Public relations.
Eric Pere is the research and development manager and provides any technical assistance, or training on the Ecreso - RFTS Broadcast transmitters.
Stephane Vansteelant, chairman, continues to head up and orientate the strategy of the company.

Dolby Announces MPEG-4 AAC LicensingProgram

San Francisco - Mar 26, 2002 - Dolby Laboratories has launched a newly expanded MPEG-4 AAC licensing program. The program is based on Dolby's MPEG-2 AAC program. Dolby will act as the licensing administrator for patents held by AT&T, Dolby, Fraunhofer IIS, Sony and Nokia.

Dolby will offer MPEG-4 AAC licenses worldwide. A migration path for existing MPEG-2 AAC licensees will be made available.

MPEG-4 applications include Internet streaming, electronic media distribution (EMD), multimedia playback and wireless applications. Under the new license terms, licensees will pay the following royalty rates for MPEG-4 AAC products:

  • For a consumer (non-commercial) decoder product: $0.50 to $0.12 (volume-based) per channel
  • Royalty rates for PC-based software decoder products are $0.25 per channel, up to a maximum annual payment of $25,000 per legal entity
  • For a consumer (non-commercial) encoder product: $0.50 to $0.12 (volume-based) per channel
  • Royalty rates for PC-based software encoder products are $0.50 to $0.27 per channel (volume-based), up to a maximum annual payment of $250,000 per legal entity
  • For a professional (commercial) decoder product: $2.00 per channel
  • For a professional (commercial) encoder product: $20.00 per channel

    There are no royalties or usage fees for content distribution in AAC format, either in electronic form or in packaged media.

    The MPEG-4 AAC Patent License Agreement will be available in April. The AAC co-licensors have expanded their existing MPEG-2 AAC patent licensing program to include additional patents for MPEG-4 AAC, which includes several important enhancements. New AAC tools in their MPEG-4 incarnation allow increased efficiency at lower data rates-MPEG-4 AAC is effective at stereo bit-rates down to the 40- to 48kb/s range, and to the 24- to 30kb/s range in mono. MPEG-4 AAC includes tools for error robustness, which makes this technology of particular interest in wireless networking applications. MPEG-4 AAC also offers scaleable bitstream modes and new low-latency tools for high-quality real-time conferencing applications. Dolby will be promoting MPEG-4 AAC for 3G wireless networks, Internet streaming of audio and audio/video, and home networking, as well as for the traditional MPEG-2 AAC applications such as electronic music delivery, digital radio, and ISDB television broadcast.


Patrick Davis JoinsStreaming21

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Los Gatos, CA - Apr 4, 2002 - Streaming21 announced the appointment of industry veteran Patrick Davis as vice president of sales. Davis will lead the development of a sales and support organization designed to help customers leverage Streaming21's carrier-class streaming media platform, with a primary focus on expanding the company's core business of selling VOD solutions to carriers and service providers in the Asian market.

Davis' background encompasses more than 20 years of management experience in the telecommunications, e-commerce, enterprise application software and OSS/Network management arenas. Prior to Streaming21 he spent six years as Asia and Europe sales director for Symmetricom, a manufacturer of management software for international carriers.

Davis has also held various management positions with e-Synergies, iLux Corporation, GPS Technology, TTI and Wang Laboratories. He holds a degree in mathematics from Johns Hopkins University.

Shure Names SchroederDirector of Corporate Market Development

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Evanston, IL - Apr 1, 2002 - Shure, manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics, has named Sandy Schroeder as its new director of corporate market development. Schroeder will be responsible for market research and development for all of Shure's business units.

Other duties that come with Schroeder's new title include the supervision of Shure's training and education programs, serving as the company's liaison with trade and professional organizations, and lending direction to strategic planning and information management.

Schroeder joined Shure in 1980. Prior to accepting this post, he oversaw the activities of Shure's presentation and install market.

SAS Sales Team Adds McConnell andArmstrong

Burbank, CA - Apr 2, 2002 - Sierra Automated Systems (SAS) has added two new sales team members for the company. Brian McConnell joins SAS in the newly created position of regional sales manager for the western half of the United States, and Jim Armstrong will hold the new position of regional sales manager for the eastern half of the country.

Previously, McConnell was the western regional sales manager for Harris Broadcast Systems Division. At SAS, he will continue to support Harris and all of the other SAS dealers and customers for SAS. A graduate of Indiana University, he holds a bachelor's degree in business as well as an MBA. He will be based in Las Vegas.

Armstrong has held various sales engineer positions at Klotz and Burk Technology, and was a sales manager for Gentner. Prior to that, he held just about every position at a variety of radio stations, and even taught audio production at the college level. At SAS, he will support SAS dealers and customers in the eastern half of the United States. Armstrong earned his bachelor�s degree from Emerson College and will be based in Atlanta.

Sierra Automated Systems AddsWallace

Burbank, CA - Mar 26, 2002 - Sierra Automated Systems (SAS) has added Chris Wallace to the SAS sales team. Wallace will head international sales of the company�s expanded offering of analog and digital audio switchers and routers.

Wallace was previously responsible for international sales of studio products at Harris Corporation, where he created an exclusive relationship to supply equipment to the largest commercial radio network in Europe. Prior to that position, Wallace was international sales manager for Pacific Research and Engineering, where he expanded the company's network of international dealers and developed a 70 percent market share with PRandE in China.

Wallace has an MBA specializing in International Business from London City University Business School.

Delacroix Named DigigramManaging Director

Montbonnot, France - Mar 22, 2002 � Digigram has named Philippe Delacroix managing director as of March 1, 2002.

Delacroix, who joined Digigram in September 2001 as director of operations, is a 17-year pro audio veteran with key technical and general management positions at Schlumberger, Digitec, Studer and Harman Pro as well as other experiences in the Telecom industry.

Delacroix has a masters in engineering from the Ecole Nationale Sup�rieure des Arts et M�tiers and a nMBA from the Centre de Perfectionnement aux Affaires, both in Paris.

He worked his way in five years with Schlumberger Audio from project engineer to R&D project leader to director of system engineering department. In 1987, Delacroix and four other staff officers of the professional audio division of Schlumberger led a management buy-out to form Digitec SA. Delacroix was vice president of engineering and a member of the board of directors with Digitec from 1987-1990.

In 1990 Digitec became Studer Digitec after it was acquired by Studer Revox and then Harman International. Delacroix served as president and managing director of Studer Digitec thru 1995. In 1996 Delacroix moved to Interphase Corporation, a supplier of network and telecom adapters, where he was COO of European Operations.

He left Interphase in November 1997 to become the managing director of EPMO, a leader in supplying tooling to the pharmaceutical industry. EPMO was acquired by Elizabeth Carbide Die Co. Inc. in July 2000, and little more than a year later, Delacroix joined Digigram as director of operations in order to come back to the pro audio industry.


Sonifex Net-Log Makes its Debutinto Mexico

Northant, England - Apr 4, 2002 - Sonifex has received an order for two Net-Log audio loggers from Nucleo Radio Mil Comunicaciones (NRM). The radio group is based in Mexico City and is one of the main radio networks in Mexico. The deal was collaborated by Diuxi SA de CV, the Sonifex distributor in Mexico.

NRM , which has six radio stations, three on FM and three on AM, was looking for a reliable system capable of storing all-day transmissions from each of its radio stations. The Net-Log provides a dedicated hardware recording platform that uses a network connection for audio playback. Net-Log is able to record four mono or two stereo audio streams for playback over TCP/IP. Audio is encoded in MPEG 2 format and written to a large internal IDE hard disk drive. Playback is carried out by streaming the audio across a network onto one or many PCs.

Additionally, the Net-Log audio logger is now supplied with a 60GB hard drive as standard, increased from 30GB, which allows more than eight months of recording at low bandwidth, and there is an option for a 120GB hard drive to be installed.

Yamaha Debuts Open Plug-inTechnology

Buena Park, CA - Apr 3, 2002 - Yamaha Corporation of America, Digital Musical Instruments, has introduced a new open plug-in format for the control of MIDI devices from within music software and sequencing products. Introduced at Music Messe 2002 and known as Open Plug-In Technology (OPT), the format allows seamless integration of external hardware devices and control surfaces with synthesizer editors, enhanced editing views and other MIDI processing tools.

The OPT interface is based on the industry-standard Microsoft COM (Component Object Model) technology and is compatible with MS Windows 9.x/ME and XP. Yamaha is currently promoting OPT to third party hardware and software companies, and early adopters include Cakewalk Music Software, who worked closely with Yamaha to develop the specification. A comprehensive software kit (SDK) includes the full specification, a plug-in source code example, an application demo, and all necessary information for third party developers. OPT is targeted at providing complete MIDI solutions in the computer-based environment. The system architecture allows developers to provide custom plug-ins for direct support of new and existing hardware and/or MIDI extensions that will work with participating software vendor products.

Creative Studio Solutions NamedNational Seller for Auditronics

Denver, CO - Apr 6, 2002 - Auditronics has designated Creative Studio Solutions, Wheat Ridge, CO, as a national seller for its broadcast audio console systems.

Creative Studio Solutions will provide consultation, integration and installation for the Auditronics models ALM, 2660 and 220. CSS has also been designated as an authorized installer for Wheatstone, Audioarts and Auditronics Radio Broadcast Consoles and the new Wheatstone Bridge Digital Audio Network.

CSS designs and installs audio facilities for broadcast and production companies. CSS offers primary building process services for traditional and/or Internet broadcast, production and recording studios. They are certified installers for major audio console manufacturers.

Yamaha Adds MIDI Templates toAW4416 and AW2816

Buena Park, CA - Mar 28, 2002 -Yamaha Corporation of America, Professional Audio, has made a set of free, downloadable MIDI remote templates for several popular computer-based music recording and production software systems that will work with Yamaha's AW4416 and AW2816 professional audio workstations. Currently available, all downloads are free and may be directly accessed from the AW4416 and AW2816 websites at or Templates for both workstations include Cakewalk SONAR, E-Magic LOGIC, and Steinberg�s Cubase. Downloads for the AW2816 also include Digidesign Pro Tools and Steinberg�s Nuendo, and support for additional products is currently under development.