BE Radio Currents Online - May 06 - May 26, 2002

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BE Radio Currents Online - May 06 - May 26, 2002

May 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Radio technology news updated as it happens.

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Conclave Registrants Eligiblefor Scholarship

Minneapolis � May 17, 2002 - Conclave announces a perk for attending the 2002 Radio Rising conference July 25-28: a $1,500 Continuing Education Scholarship. One registrant for the 27th annual Conclave will win a scholarship, which may be applied to tuition, books or other materials pertaining to the winner�s course of study at a recognized institute for higher learning. The school or institution may be a college, junior college, trade or vocational school, Internet or extension course or any other school offering the education and training that is desired by the winning applicant.

Possible recipiencts of this scholarship must be registered for the 2002 Conclave Learning Conference and must submit an essay about �Why I want the Continuing Education Scholarship.� The deadline to receive the essay is July 1, 2002, with the winner being notified on or before the first day of the 2002 Conclave Conference. For full details and rules, visit

Fairlight ReceivesDesign Award

Sydney, Australia - May 9, 2002 - Fairlight was honoured last month at the 2002 Australian Design Awards for the development of the company's Dream series of editing and mixing systems. The awards, which were held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, marked the culmination of a review process by an independent panel of senior industry and design professionals.

Fairlight's Dream range of pro audio equipment received a Software-Electronics Design Award from Standards Australia International-whose Australian Design Awards program was established to promote the benefits of professional product design in the development of manufactured goods.

Criteria for winning the award included functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics, creativity and originality, safety and environmental considerations, manufacturing (construction and use of materials) and price (value for the money).


RCS Launches SelectorTraining

White Plains, NY - May 20, 2002 - RCS Sound Software is providing one and two-day training classes in its Selector Music Scheduling software. The one-day classes are for novice users of the software and the two-day classes are for advanced users, but both sessions cover all the primary areas of music rotation theory, dayparting, clocks, plus a wide variety of customization tips and tricks applicable for each format.

The classes will be conducted by the RCS Tech Support Department at the new state-of-the-art training facility at RCS World Headquarters in White Plains, NY. Those attending are encouraged to bring their own station's Selector music databases to work with, for instant problem-solving and real-world solutions.

Fostex Becomes Digigram EtherSoundLicensee

Munich - May 14, 2002 - Digigram and Fostex Japan announced at AES that they have signed contracts for Fostex to license Digigram's patent-pending Ethersound technology in its forthcoming products.

Digigram announced that other licensing contracts will be signed in the near future. By the end of the year products by Digigram, Fostex and other companies will form a portfolio of Ethersound-compliant solutions for the public address and pro sound installation markets.

Patent-pending Ethersound enhances established technologies to easily and economically create low-latency audio networks using standard Ethernet cabling and components. Ethersound is designed to connect digital audio sources to networked audio devices. As many as 64 channels of 24-bit digital audio at 48KHz, plus bi-directional control information, may be transported to a number of networked audio devices.

Stardraw SpeaksItalian

London - May 17, 2002 - is pleased to announce that its complete range of "shrink-wrapped" products, comprising Stardraw Audio, AV, Lighting 2D and the recently launched Stardraw Radio, is now available in Italian. This brings the number of language versions up to five with English, French, German and Portuguese already available. All language versions may be downloaded from using Stardraw Live Update.

Transmitter with DRM MakesClear AM Signal

Huntsville, AL � May 16, 2002 - Integrated Defense Technologies, a subsidiary Continental Electronics, has successfully demonstrated that its transmitters are digital ready. The demonstration used the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) broadcasting system over the conventional AM modulation system used in international shortwave broadcast bands.

The live DRM broadcast demonstration spanned 1,500 miles, from EWTN Global Catholic Network�s mountain-top radio station, WEWN, in Birmingham, AL, to the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center during NAB2002. DRM is an ITU-recognized digital radio broadcast system for all radio broadcasting below 30MHz.

The demonstration featured IDT-CE�s 420C 500kW transmitter and a Telefunken DRM exciter. Signals were broadcast across WEWN-licensed frequencies of 5825, 7520, 9975, 11875 and 13615kHz. Telefunken also provided the receiver that included Fraunhofer digital decoding techniques. This transmitter is capable of operation in standard amplitude modulation, controlled carrier-level modulation or single side band service.

Klotz Digital Sells1,000th Vadis 880 Frame

Munich and Moscow - May 16, 2002 - Klotz Digital has sold its 1,000th Vadis 880 frame and it has been delivered to Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. The theatre will be equipped with a complete Vadis Audio Matrix linking all the technical areas, which are located in two different buildings of the theatre complex. The Audio Matrix handles 126 stage microphones, several rehearsal rooms, stage directions, a sound recording studio, a production studio and associated links for television and radio broadcasts. A specific software in the Russian language will manage the Vadis system.

The Vadis 880 was developed as a digital Audio Media network serving the radio broadcast, production and public address system user. The Vadis 880 network provides a fully integrated approach to audio and program-associated data routing, distribution, format conversion, sample rate conversion, DSP, digital audio sync distribution and machine control routing. Multiple control locations can share sources, area-wide logic control signal routing, talkback and intercom via the company�s fiber optic network.

Sirius Adds an Additional 10States

New York - May 14, 2002 - After recently adding seven states to its list, now Sirius Satellite Radio is available to consumers in 10 more states: Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin. This brings Sirius' availability to 28 states. Sirius will be available nationwide on July 1st.

Sirius Satellite Radio provides commercial-free music to consumers. It will be available at retailers such as Circuit City and Best Buy, as well as a number of smaller retailers.

Patriot Antenna Acquires AntennaFrom Vertex

Albion, MI � May 16, 2002 - Patriot Antenna Systems has acquired the tools and production rights from Vertex RSI (a Tri-point Global company) for its 6.1 meter satellite antenna. All existing tooling has been moved to Patriot�s facility in Albion, Michigan. Effective immediately, the antenna will be marketed and sold under the Patriot name. The acquisition will expand the company's line of receive-only antennas for the broadcast, radio and cable markets.

German TelekomApproves Omnia-6

Munich - May 10, 2002 - Omnia-6fm has won the approval of German Telekom for its implementation of the International Telecommunications Union's BS-412 specification, which sets strict limits on broadcast power.

A carrier deviation of 75kHz and maximum MPX power of 0dBr for FM broadcasters is strictly enforced by Germany's Regulation Authority Reg.d.P. German Telekom's specific testing goal was to examine how well the tested processors obeyed this mandate. The Omnia-6fm passed the test.

VoxPro PC 3.1 Ships

Seattle � May 10, 2002 � Audion Laboratories is now shipping the Voxpro PC 3.1. All registered Voxpro PC 3.0, Voxpro PC 3.05 and Voxpro PC 3.06 users will receive free upgrades to 3.1, which is part of Audion Laboratories policy of providing all software upgrades for 12 months following any Voxpro PC software purchase.

Almost a dozen new features come with the Voxpro PC 3.1 upgrade, including the ability to link multiple Voxpro PC workstations through an NT, Novell or peer-to-peer station network via Voxpro PC Network software.

Voxpro Network software ships with 3.1, but is enabled when stations purchase a one-time-only site license fee. This allows instantaneous posting of files on team member desktops via Novell, NT and peer-to-peer networks.

Sirius to beInstalled in Daimler-Chrysler Products

New York and Auburn Hills, MI - May 14, 2002 - Sirius Satellite Radio and Daimler-Chrysler Corporation announced that Sirius will be available as a dealer-installed option beginning late this Summer in a number of 2003 models. This makes the second automotive company that has agreed to an exclusive relationship with Sirius because BMW announced a similar deal in October of 2001.

Following final service validation, Sirius is expected to be widely available beginning this fall as a dealer-installed option from Mopar through Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge dealerships in the United States. Chrysler Group expects to offer Sirius as a factory-installed option on select vehicles for the 2003 model year. Mercedes-Benz also expects to offer Sirius in a number of vehicle lines at its U.S. dealerships in 2003.

Specific details on individual vehicle lines are expected to be announced this summer.

XM Drops PAC for CT-aacPlus

Washington, DC - April 18, 2002 - At a press conference held in New York City, XM Satellite Radio unveiled it plans to use a customized CT-aacPlus audio encoding algorithm with neural audio optimization. XM staes that the new algorithm will provide superior sound quality remarkably close to compact disc.

CT-aacPlus is a third-generation audio encoding technology. CT-aacPlus is the combination of Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), now a global standard combining the work of AT&T, Dolby, Fraunhofer, and Sony with Coding Technologies' Spectral Band Replication (SBRM) technology.

Coding Technologies, a developer of perceptual audio compression and inventor of SBR, was formed through a merger between a Swedish group of researchers and experts from the renowned German Fraunhofer Institute, the inventor of MP3.

This combination of AAC and SBR, CT-aacPlus has been tested by high-profile audio experts from around the world. In a double-blind listening test, AAC alone has historically proven 33 percent more efficient compared to previous generations of competing algorithms. Double-blind listening tests conducted by the BBC, Deutsche Telekom and Robert Bosch GmbH have established that the CT-aacPlus combination is more than 30 percent more efficient than AAC. Based on superior test results, CT-aacPlus has been adopted by the International Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) consortium and accepted by MPEG as the reference model for the upcoming version of MPEG-4.

In addition, the XM sound is further enhanced with Neural Audio, a Seattle-based research lab that pioneered future generation audio by merging neural networks with the physics of sound. Neural Audio's proprietary pre-processing software uses advanced neural network computing techniques to implement algorithms that are based on models of the brain's perception of sound.

Neural Audio created a customized version of its process, designed to enhance CT-aacPlus results by optimizing temporal and spectral elements prior to encoding, improving soundstage clarity, and increasing intelligibility. The unique combination of CT-aacPlus and Neural Audio algorithms enable XM to deliver a consistent, superior sound experience.

In addition, Neural Audio's Stereo Transcoder algorithm preserves the imaging and spatiality of stereo and surround-sound content that XM broadcasts. So XM customers with matrix-style surround sound equipment, including Dolby technology, can receive a full surround sound experience.

Previously, XM used the Perceptual Audio Coder algorithm, originally developed by Lucent Technologies and licensed to XM by Ibiquity Digital. Ibiquity will use PAC in its IBOC DAB system.

TC Electronic to DistributeLab.gruppen Amps in U.S.

Westlake Village, CA - May 7, 2002 - TC Electronic and Lab.gruppen AB of Sweden have reached a distribution agreement for the United States. Until recently, Lab.gruppen's main focus has been on the European and Asian markets and the company's power amplifiers have become the standard drive units for several popular Line Array speaker systems such as L-acoustics, Adamson and Martin Audio. Lab.gruppen is also widely used by top-level end users, leading tour companies and venues worldwide. TC has distributed products for the professional audio industry in the U.S. since 1987. he agreement opens the door for Lab.gruppen in North America.

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XM to Carry ESPNews Beginning May15

Washington - May 10, 2002 - XM Satellite Radio, will broadcast ESPNews on a dedicated channel (XM Channel 141) beginning May 15. ESPNews, carrying round the clock updates of the latest scores, stats and breaking news, replaces CNN/SI, which is being discontinued by TBS. ESPNews on XM Satellite Radio will carry up-to-the-minute coverage of sports: baseball, football, hockey, basketball, boxing, college sports, golf, horse racing, motor sports, soccer and tennis. XM will air a digital-quality audio feed of the ESPNews broadcast.

ESPNews joins XM's lineup of five dedicated sports channels, including ESPN Radio (XM Channel 140), featuring sports talk and play-by-play action.

BSW Named for Sennheiser 2001Honor

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Old Lyme, CT - May 3, 2002 - Sennheiser Electronic has named Broadcast Supply Worldwide of Tacoma, WA, as its 2001 Broadcast Dealer of the Year. The award, presented at NAB2002, recognizes the dealer with the highest dollar sales of Sennheiser professional broadcast products.

Active in the audio business for 30 years, BSW is one of the leading broadcast audio dealers. BSW cited several leading Sennheiser products that helped BS wins its distinction, including the MD 421 microphone and 212, 202 and HD 280 headphones, and the HMD boomsets.

XM Satellite InauguratesPerformance Studio

Washington DC - May 8, 2002 - XM Satellite held a conference to inaugurate its state-of-the-art performance studio on May 21, 2002. The conference was held at the XM Satellite Radio headquarters and broadcast studio complex.

Tours of XM�s performance studio were given to show how the studio creates an environment that closely simulates a chamber concert hall. The performance studio is fully floating, eliminating any bleeding of sound to neighboring studios. It combines glass, metal, ceramic, wood and Fiberglas, all spaced and angled according to precise mathematical calculations, to diffuse and absorb signals. Among the design elements is a floor-to-ceiling glass wall along the broadcast corridor, which allows visitors to view working studio sessions without creating reflections that ordinarily bar the use of large expanses of glass in such spaces. The adjoining control room features a �zero-environment� chamber where a performer's sound can be recorded, mixed and remastered.

CUE To License Ibiquity Technology forTraffic

Long Beach, CA - May 2, 2002 - CUE has agreed to license Ibiquity Digital's AM and FM IBOC technology, which delivers real-time traffic information and other telematics services over FM stations using IBOC technology. CUE currently broadcasts real-time, route-specific traffic information in more than 50 markets in the United States via its FM subcarrier network of 500 radio stations. The company also broadcasts Emergency Weather Warnings for the National Weather Service in Washington, DC, as a public service. The company's telematics service offerings offer hourly weather forecasts and news alerts, as well as flight delay information. Recently, CUE announced that it was extending its service to Canada in association with Rogers Communications of Toronto.

CUE intends to license capacity from IBOC stations in the same way it does for FM subcarrier. The company proposes to use the same conditional access system that the FM system is using.


Image placeholder title Appoints Marketing Director

London - May 20, 2002 - Software provider has promoted Rob Robinson to the position of marketing director effective immediately. According to managing director David Snipp, Robinson's appointment was "a natural progression of his duties, and reinforces an already strong management team at"

Klotz DigitalStrengthens Sales Activities

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Munich and Paris - May 17, 2002 - Klotz Digital has appointed Christian Bouchez as the new sales manager. Since April, Bouchez has been supporting Klotz Digital�s French office and has been responsible for France and Benelux Countries.

Bouchez is an electronic engineer. During his career he has served in a variety of sales and marketing positions including area sales manager Europe with Studer Digitec/Numisys. Prior to joining Klotz Digital, Bouchez served as export manager for audio codecs with AETA Audio.

The new appointment has generated changes in the company's sales structure. Bouchez supports his colleagues Marc Judor and Erich Sch�ssler. Sales manager Marc Judor, who has been looking after Klotz Digital's French office for three years, is now responsible for Spain, Portugal and Africa. Sales manager Erich Sch�ssler, previously responsible for Benelux States and Scandinavia, is now overseeing a new business unit for the sales and marketing of Klotz Digital's new digital public address system, Varizone, in Germany.

Neutrik Hires Batliner For LatinAmerican Sales

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Lakewood, NJ - May 16, 2002 � Neutrik, the producer of audio connector products for more than 25 years, has employed John Batliner as the official sales representative for its Latin American efforts. Batliner�s background includes five years as vice president of international sales and aarketing for Harman Music Group.

Batliner�s goals include the increase of Neutrik's market share for the Latin American contracting and broadcasting industry. Batliner�s responsibilities will be to assist new and existing Neutrik agents in managing their business in Latin America. He will serve as a link between Neutrik and its agents by providing product training and new product launch initiatives to the agents as well as providing specific market information back to Neutrik. He will report directly to James Cowan, president of NEUTRIK USA.

Batliner holds a Bachelor of Arts and an MBA from Purdue University.

AES Honors FritzSennheiser

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Old Lyme, CT - May 10, 2002 -� The Audio Engineering Society awarded its Gold Medal to Dr. Fritz Sennheiser in recognition of his lifetime achievements.

With the award, the AES' Awards Committee and the Board of Governors recognized Sennheiser's achievements in audio and microphone technology. In addition, Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG, the company he founded more than 55 years ago, was honored for 25 years of participation in the AES Convention.

In his thank-you speech, Sennheiser said he was grateful because the award also recognizes the commitment of the many employees with whom he created his life's work.

NFCB Hires Low Power FM Director

San Francisco - May 7, 2002 - Kai Aiyetoro has been named low-power FM director at the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, San Francisco. Previously she held positions as development director at KKFI 90.1 FM in Kansas City, MO, program director at KJLU 88.9 FM in Jefferson City, MO, and general manager at WRFG 89.3 FM in Atlanta. Most recently Aiyetoro served as director of finance at National AIDS Education & Services for Minorities in Atlanta.

As low-power FM director at the NFCB, Aiyetoro will work with community-oriented groups that receive LPFM authorizations as the primary contact for information and services necessary to build and run a low-power local station. She will also be responsible for developing and producing a low-power manual, coordinating group buys, consulting services to community-based LPFM stations and maintaining communications with the Low Power Radio Advisory Board.

Directors Named to NAB Radio Board
Washington, DC - May 3, 2002 - Three broadcasters have been appointed to fill vacancies on the National Association of Broadcasters Radio Board of Directors, and four have been reappointed to the Radio Board.

The three new appointees are: Lew Dickey, chairman/CEO of Cumulus Media (Atlanta), David Field, CEO/president of Entercom (Bala Cynwyd, PA) and Mark Mays, president/COO of Clear Channel (San Antonio). They will begin their two-year terms in June 2002.

The four directors that have been reappointed are Ronald Davenport, Jr., general counsel of Sheridan Broadcasting (Pittsburgh), Marilyn Kushak, vice president, sales and marketing of Midwest Family Broadcasters (Riverton, IL), Alfred Liggins, president/CEO of Radio One (Lanham, MD) and Peter Smyth, president/COO of Greater Media (Boston). They will also begin their two-year terms in June 2002.

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Internet Watch


Neumann Introduces Capsule Head
Old Lyme, CT - May 22, 2002 - Based on the Neumann KMS 105 handheld condenser microphone, a new Neumann capsule head, the KK 105-S, has been developed for use with the Sennheiser SKM 5000 wireless microphone system. The KK 105-S true condenser head is backwards compatible with all existing SKM 5000 transmitters and is available in black or nickel finish. Like its predecessor the KMS 105, the KK 105-S capsule has a multi-layered grill assembly that eliminates popping and breath noise without sacrificing high-frequency clarity and transient detail.

Later this year, Sennheiser will introduce the SKM 5000-N, a new version of the SKM 5000 transmitter optimized for use with the Neumann KK 105-S capsule. It will also be available in black or nickel finish. This Sennheiser/Neumann wireless combination debuted at the Grammy Awards and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony and on VH1�s �Divas Las Vegas.� Watch for it on the NBC telecast at Mohegan Sun Casino�s new hotel grand opening.

Sadie Engineers RocketNetwork Technology

Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 � Working with Artemis and Radia workstations, Sadie�s Rocketpower application allows users to send data via Rocket Network�s global production network. This product will enable multi-user access to updated files from anywhere in the world. It provides a mechanism for sending and receiving digital audio data between audio professionals. Data sent by this application will also be interchangeable with Rocketpower products from Emagic and Tascam.

The application is free and will be available for download from Sadie�s website in the second quarter of 2002.

Logitek Updates its AudioEngine

Houston � May 21, 2002 � Logitek has updated its Audio Engine, a digital audio router that also provides mixing, summing and intercom capability. The router is based on a card cage architecture. Users plug in cards for the desired number of analog and digital inputs/outputs, networking with other Audio Engines and DSP audio processing capabilities.

Updates to the router include more input/output capability on the analog and digital I/O cards; a network card that provides dual 1Gbit Ethernet connections between engines using fiber optic cabling; a new multi-DSP card that allows EQ and limiting functions on selected inputs; powerful supervisory software including command scripting for one-button triggers of multiple events including external device interfacing, and computer software router control panels.

Tascam Announces OS X DriverFOR US-428

Montebello, CA - May 17, 2002 - Tascam's US-428 DAW Controller/USB Interface is now compatible with Apple's OS X operating system for Macintosh computers. The OS X drivers, compatible with Mac operating systems 10.1 or higher, are available as a free download from the Tacsam website at

The new drivers allow Macintoshes running the OS X operating system to "see" the US-428 over the USB bus, which in turn enables it to provide control and interfacing capabilities for music and audio recording software with OS X compatibility. New US-428 Manager tools (similar to US-428 control panels in earlier Mac operating systems) enable users to make adjustments to host audio data buffering to maximize the performance of their DAW software controlled via the US-428. With the new drivers, the US-428 becomes integrated with the core audio and MIDI services of OS X, allowing for full multi-client inputs and outputs. Also, a special consideration in the US-428's OS X driver design enables users to take advantage of ultra-low audio latency performance via the USB bus.

Mediaform Introduces ThermalPrinting Technology

The Spectrum2 from Mediaform offers monocolor and process-color printing, and handles most printing needs with 600dpi quality. The printer offers ribbon change design for prolonged ribbon life. Additionally, the Spectrum2 features secure, durable media trays and user-intuitive label design software and electronic templates for easier design and faster results.

The Spectrum2 can be used as a standalone media (CD-R/DVD-R) printer or it can be integrated with most duplication systems and printing stations offered by Mediaform for automated printing.

I-SAM Site Control New FromElectronics Research

Chandler, IN - May 7, 2002 - I-SAM is the new Internet-ready/accessible Antenna Site Control Monitor tool from ERI that provides station engineers with data, alarms, corrections and equipment function/malfunction notification.

I-SAM is custom designed to handle all aspects of care and protection for a Master Antenna System. Feed line sensors are standard and two are employed if dual feed lines are used. I-SAM monitors and issues alarms if measured parameters stray from desired operating levels. I-SAM acquires, analyzes and presents operational information to the local operator and is accessible anywhere in the world via the Internet.

I-SAM was designed to provide added value service for master antenna owners and operators. I-SAM�s specific benefit is to oversee vital master antenna operating conditions and alert responsible parties of probable trouble spots.

Cool Edit Pro SupportsMS Audio 8

Scottsdale, AZ - Apr 8, 2002 - The Cool Edit Pro 2.0, an upgraded version of the company's audio editor, will support Microsoft Windows Media Audio 8 (WMA 8). Windows Media Audio 8 is Microsoft's digital audio format for music streaming and download-and-play on PCs and portable devices. Compared to earlier versions, WMA 8 offers higher fidelity at lower compression, delivering CD-quality audio at 64kbps, at half the size of standard MP3, according to Microsoft. It is fully compatible with more than 350 million Windows Media Players distributed worldwide, including versions 7.x and 6.4 and Windows Media Player for Windows XP.

WMA 8 support will be offered as a standard feature of Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and will include encoding and decoding. Cool Edit Pro 2.0 is an upgrade to Syntrillium's digital editing/mixing software. It offers PC users a range of features such as real-time effects and track EQ, disk-at-once CD burning, MIDI and video playback support, MTC master generation, six new DSP effects, loop-based music composition and a compressed loop file format.

Mackie Adds SpinAudio Plug-In toSoundscape 32

Woodinville, WA - May 3, 2002 - SpinAudio of Russia has released its popular Spindelay two-tap delay processor for use on the new Mackie Broadcast Professional Soundscape 32 platform. Spindelay is a configurable delay processor that offers two stereo taps with controllable delay time, feedback, binaural pan (allowing for two separate delays in a stereo image), input low-pass filter cutoff, phase-inverse mode, conventional output pan and volume. In addition, Spindelay is designed so that both stereo delay lines can be connected to each other, allowing users to easily make up configurations that produce such effects as multiple and cross-feedbacked delays.

Spindelay for the Soundscape 32 is available from the Mackie Broadcast Professional sales department and through selected Mackie Broadcast professional dealers.

Syntrillium Debuts Mp3pro-basedAudio 8

Scottsdale, AZ - Apr 8, 2002 - With the launch of Syntrillium Software's Cool Edit Pro 2.0 comes the debut of an online loop library with thousands of downloadable mp3pro-based loops in a wide range of musical style, all free to Cool Edit Pro 2.0 users. The loop library includes thousands of .cel loop�compressed files created using mp3pro encoding. They are typically one-tenth the size of standard .WAV loops, and so are useful for archiving and trading loops over the Internet while delivering the higher fidelity the mp3PRO format provides.

The Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro 2.0 Loop Library features no fewer than 15 music styles, including Bossa Nova, Jazz, Seventies Funk, Urban, Industrial, Classical, Noise, Rockabilly, Techno, Ambient, Asian, Blues and more in more than 25 tempos. In addition to instrument loops, the library includes complete music beds of assembled music in selected styles.