Broadcast Electronics Adds RF Courses

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Broadcast Electronics Adds RF Courses

Feb 25, 2009 8:46 AM

Quincy, IL - Feb 24, 2009 - Broadcast Electronics will offer engineering courses on RF principles and applications. The first course will be RF Technology 101, which will begin March 23. The course is designed for entry-level engineers, managers of engineers and chief engineers wanting to upgrade their skills, as well as IT professionals needing to learn more about RF technology. RF Technology 101 will cover RF basics, including classes of amplifier tubes, Smith Chart applications, passive components, quarter wave hybrids and TDR measurements, and transmission line theory and analysis of resonant circuits in a lab environment. The three and a half-day course will be repeated on Sept. 28.

Another course, IBOC Technology 101, aimed at HD Radio technology and implementation, will be offered on June 15 and again on Nov. 9.

All courses will be held at Broadcast Electronics' new RF lab in Quincy, IL.

Register for the courses online.

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