Broadcast Electronics Breaks Service Record

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Broadcast Electronics Breaks Service Record

May 21, 2009 3:32 PM

Quincy, IL - May 21, 2009 - Broadcast Electronics broke a service record last month when it delivered an FMI 301 solid-state transmitter to Regent Communications WWBN 101.5 FM in Flint, MI, after an incoming 440V power fluctuation damaged the station's main and backup transmitters. Within hours after receiving a distress call from Regent Communications Director of Corporate Engineering David Remund, Broadcast Electronics technicians had tested and shipped the replacement transmitter bound for Flint, MI. The FMI 301 transmitter was in service and on the air after three days in transit, restoring the station to full 1.8kW ERP operation within 45 minutes of its arrival at the station.

The voltage spike from a nearby faulty transformer took out the stations transmitter, air conditioning blower, coaxial switch and numerous other electronic devices. The station returned to the air within four hours at reduced power by converting a backup BE FXI 250W from HD Radio to analog while a replacement system was ordered. The station's damaged FMI 301 transmitter was sent to Broadcast Electronics' facility in Quincy, IL, to be repaired.

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