Broadcast Electronics Develops EAS Text Messagecasting

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Broadcast Electronics Develops EAS Text Messagecasting

Oct 6, 2006 3:00 PM

Quincy, IL - Oct 6, 2006 - Broadcast Electronics has added emergency-alert messagecasting to the Radio Experience Message Manager, the company's text application suite for RBDS, HD Radio and Web. The optional Emergency Alert System (EAS) module makes it possible for stations to feed text messages originated by civil authorities to RBDS/HD Radio receivers and the station website.

WWL in New Orleans installed BE's TRE Message Manager text application to automate promos, traffic and song text by station and cluster, and added the EAS module in April of this year to provide another public service. With the new module, text readouts of emergency alerts instantly appear on the face of HD Radio and RBDS tuners in place of song title and artist name.

BE developed the EAS option for The Radio Experience in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, basing the new option on emergency triggers and codes established by authorities. EAS text broadcasts along with audio as activations from the weather bureau occur and evacuation updates from civil authorities develop, adding another radio service to communicate shelter locations and update the public on safety issues during hurricanes and other emergencies.