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Broadcast Electronics Increases IBOC Support

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Broadcast Electronics Increases IBOC Support

Sep 5, 2001 12:00 PM

Quincy, IL - Sep 5, 2001 - Broadcast Electronics has taken the next step in the advance of In Band On Channel Digital (IBOC) radio broadcasting. Broadcast Electronics recently announced that it has agreed to become a full partner in the development of the products needed to make IBOC a reality. The company reached reached an agreement with iBiquity Digital Corporation to jointly develop products that will allow AM and FM stations to implement iBiquity''s in-band on-channel digital broadcasting system. Over the next several months, Broadcast Electronics announced that it will begin introducing new products designed specifically to meet the needs of radio broadcasters as they begin to implement this exciting new technology. This will include upgrade kits to convert existing products to IBOC capability.