Broadcast Electronics, KA You Partner on Satellite Networked Automation

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Broadcast Electronics, KA You Partner on Satellite Networked Automation

Feb 22, 2008 2:50 PM

Quincy, IL - Feb 22, 2008 - Broadcast Electronics and Ka You Communications are collaborating on a system that teams IP addressable satellite delivery with Tivo-like automation. The system is designed to lower the cost of satellite-delivered content and addresses audio delay issues associated with voicetracking over satellite.

The system consists of Ka You Communications 24/7 distribution services and IP Ready system, a satellite router with high speed data delivery, and BE's Audiovault digital media system with centralized storage at the main studio and self-automated Audiovault units at each remote location. An implementation of satellite networked Audiovaults was made at Family Life Network in Bath, NY, in January 2008. That system is used to automate programming and voicetracking news, traffic and other local content from a main studio to multiple transmitter sites throughout New England. Family Life Network has 11 sites with the locally based computer systems.

Voicetracking is a recurring problem for satellite-delivered programming. Live, voicetracked content often breaks into regular programming from the master studio at the remote location one second too late; the time it takes the signal to travel from the main studio, up to the satellite and down to the remote tower. An Audiovault system at each remote location captures the shared program feed and the voicetracked audio and adjusts for satellite delays similar to Tivo before sending a continuous stream to be broadcast over the air.