Broadcast Electronics Selects Transmitter Contest Winner

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Broadcast Electronics Selects Transmitter Contest Winner

Jul 6, 2009 8:20 AM

Quincy, IL -Jul6, 2009 - WMMM 105.5 FM in Verona, WI, was selected as the winner of the Broadcast Electronics transmitter contest. The station has won a BE STX LP low-power transmitter. A panel of BE judges selected WMMM, an Entercom station, from several applicants based on age and application of BE transmitters in use and RF site conditions.

WMMM owns a BE FM 10B transmitter and BE FMI 201 HD Radio transmitter, both of which are located at its RF site atop a small hill in a cornfield that is regularly farmed and difficult to reach. "The BE transmitters are in a hostile environment. Dust is a huge factor because of the plowing and the only way to get to the site is on a wagon-wheel trail. We sometimes go on snowshoes. The BE FM 10B has been running in that environment for 14 years, fortunately with few complaints," said WMMM Chief Engineer Tony Abfalter, whose winning application of WMMM FM's older BE transmitter won him BE's newest transmitter.

The announcement was made during BE's June 18 anniversary celebrating 50 years as the largest radio-only broadcast equipment manufacturer at its Quincy facility. BE was incorporated on June 18, 1959.

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