Broadcasters Form European HD Radio Alliance

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Broadcasters Form European HD Radio Alliance

Oct 29, 2007 3:30 PM

Columbia, MD - Oct 29, 2007 - European broadcasters have formed the European HD Radio Alliance, an organization designed to promote and support the deployment of HD Radio technology throughout the continent. The first meeting of the European HD Radio Alliance took place earlier this month in Lucerne, Switzerland. Alliance officials were elected at the meeting:

  • Chairman - Juerg Bachmann, Energy Zurich, Switzerland
  • Vice Chairman - Andriy Karpiy, First Ukrainian Radio Group, Ukraine
  • General Secretary - Markus Ruoss, Ruoss AG und Radio Sunshine, Switzerland
  • General Director - Andrea Sentinelli, Europejskie Radio dia Bialorusi, Poland
  • Treasurer - Perry Priestley, Ibiquity Digital, USA

"With a number of countries in Europe testing or deploying HD Radio technology, we believe that now is the right time to form an organization to share our experiences and help coordinate our collective marketing efforts," said Bachmann.

The European HD Radio Alliance meeting coincided with the HD Radio Days event in Lucerne. In this year's second annual event, managers of the HD Radio field trial in Central Switzerland hosted more than 200 specialists from 13 countries. HD Radio Days featured presentations from speakers on the regulatory and commercial sides of the broadcast industry who discussed the latest developments in HD Radio broadcasting. HD Radio workshops were also held on topics such as surround-sound, addressability and the electronic program guide.