Burk Class Certifies 18

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Burk Class Certifies 18

Nov 29, 2006 5:15 PM

Littleton, MA - Nov 29, 2006 - Burk Technology recently completed a factory training session on its remote control systems. Eighteen broadcast engineers, contractors, managers and dealer representatives completed the course.

Attendees received knowledge on each of Burk Technology's transmitter remote control systems, software and accessories. In particular, attendees were trained for using software tools and TCP/IP connectivity to complement a station's existing control, monitoring and logging procedures. The seminar also discussed new system capabilities and tips and tricks designed to save time and increase operating efficiency.

Attendees included employees of New Hampshire Public Radio, WEQX, Giesler Broadcasting Systems, Tribune Broadcasting, KPWR, WBUR, Bonneville International, Hall Communications, Nassua Broadcasting and Saga Communications.

Training sessions are held twice a year at Burk Technology's facility in Massachusetts.