Bus Radio Receives Arbitron Verification

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Bus Radio Receives Arbitron Verification

Jul 8, 2008 2:14 PM

Boston - Jul 8, 2008 - Bus Radio, a national radio network for school busses in 26 states, has received Arbitron's verification of Bus Radio's audience measurement methodology. Average Five Minute Audience Delivery (AFMAD) measures the average number of students that can be expected to be listening to Bus Radio during any five-minute segment in a daypart, defined as the entire bus trip to school in the morning or from school in the evening.

Arbitron also verified a compliance rate (turn on) of 99.1 percent across the Bus Radio Network. Using numbers and factors such as absenteeism and after school activities, Arbitron confirmed the rider numbers provided by federal funding guidelines and school districts are a valid representation of bussed students.

Bus Radio is a unique media platform and thus the application of traditional methods to measure audience exposures to Bus Radio has some limitations. The AFMAD calculation takes the school bus listening situation into account.

Bus Radio provides schools with programming that is separated into three age-specific daily programs for elementary, middle and high school children. Bus Radio content is edited for language and subject matter.