Bush Says "No" to Fairness Doctrine

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Bush Says "No" to Fairness Doctrine

Mar 12, 2008 3:36 PM

Nashville - Mar 11, 2008 - The National Religious Broadcasters convention, held in Nashville, included a speech from President George W. Bush. During his speech, Bush commented on the current Democrat-supported effort to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine and the Republican response to block it. From Bush's speech:

"[T]here's an effort afoot that would jeopardize your right to express your views on public airways. Some members of Congress want to reinstate a regulation that was repealed 20 years ago. It has the Orwellian name called the Fairness Doctrine. Supporters of this regulation say we need to mandate that any discussion of so-called controversial issues on the public airwaves includes equal time for all sides. This means that many programs wanting to stay on the air would have to meet Washington's definition of balance. Of course, for some in Washington, the only opinions that require balancing are the ones they don't like."

He went on to add this pledge: "If Congress should ever pass any legislation that stifles your right to express your views, I'm going to veto it."

The attendees at the convention Applauded Bush's statements.