CAP Advisory Council Formed

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CAP Advisory Council Formed

Jul 23, 2008 3:11 PM

Jul 23, 2008 - As the effort to plan the evolution of emergency warning continues, several organizations have banded together to aid the process of implementing the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). In June, the Society of Broadcast Engineers submitted a plan to ensure that various elements of CAP implementation were considered. This plan has been referred to as the Cap Roadmap.

As part of this process, an advisory council was formed with representatives from The International Association of Emergency Managers, the National Association of Broadcasters, the National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, the National Emergency Management Association, the Society of Broadcast Engineers, the Society of Cable Television Engineers, the State Emergency Communications Committees and EAS equipment manufacturers.

GroupRepresentative IAEMLarry Gispert NABAnn Bobeck, (Kelly Williams and John Marino, ex-officio) NASBASuzanne Goucher NCTASteve Johnson, (Andy Scott, ex-officio) NEMATom Simon SBEClay Freinwald, (Barry Thomas, ex-officio) SCTEArt Leisey SECCGary Timm ManufacturersJerry LeBow

At this time, FEMA has not yet issued its plan to implement CAP, so the group has not yet taken any firm action. However, the EAS equipment manufacturers have been working together to define how CAP should be implemented with EAS.