Category Directors Named at Shure

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Category Directors Named at Shure

Mar 22, 2002 12:00 PM

Evanston, IL - Mar 22, 2002 - Shure Incorporated, manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics, has appointed three new category directors to manage the company's microphone, DSP, personal monitor, and phonograph products. Rick Frank now serves as the category director of microphone products, while Scott Sullivan becomes the category director for personal monitor and phonograph products. Bob Rieder assumes the title of category director for audio processing products.

Rick Frank, a veteran of the Shure marketing division since 1989, was previously the senior manager of marketing for microphone products. Frank is a key influencer in the KSM studio condenser microphone line, the Beta line, and T-Series Wireless.

Scott Sullivan brings wide-ranging and relevant experience to his new role, having spent four years as Shure's marketing manager of personal monitor products. Sullivan has been the marketing manager for all PSM product introductions, making Shure the industry sales leader in that category.

Bob Rieder has been with Shure for the past two years and was formerly Shure's manager of audio processing products. He has been instrumental in the development of the company's new P4800 digital signal processor.

Each category director is responsible for product management and marketing activities within his respective areas. Frank and Sullivan will report to Mark Brunner, managing director of Shure's musical instrument and touring sound business unit. Rieder will report to Rob Cappucci, managing director of Shure's sound contracting and broadcast business unit.