CBC/Radio-Canada Faces More Budget Cuts

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CBC/Radio-Canada Faces More Budget Cuts

Oct 24, 2014 9:38 AM

TORONTO�CBC President Hubert Lacroix has released additional details about the corporation-wide job cuts first announced in June.

In a meeting with union leaders, Lacroix said the CBC will lose another 400 jobs by the end of March 2015 bringing the total number of jobs cut this fiscal year to 1057. There will be another 400 job cuts to come by March 2016. Lacroix further added that another 400 and possibly more jobs will be eliminated by 2020.

Guild leaders will meet with CBC management next week to find out how programs and services will be impacted.

�We are angered to see that cuts at CBC continue at a time when a growing number of Canadians and politicians alike are calling for increased funding to make sure the public broadcaster can serve Canadians and continue the legacy of unequaled coverage and programming,� said CMG President at CBC Marc-Philippe Laurin.

�The union will continue to lobby all political parties to reverse the cuts, and increase the federal government's financial support for CBC/Radio-Canada,� said CMG President Carmel Smyth. �We also continue to reach out to Canadians and to work with other organizations including business that support the public broadcaster's work."

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has called for stable, long-term and increased funding for CBC/Radio-Canada; the federal NDP has called for long-term funding based on a multi-year plan and improved funding solutions for the public broadcaster; and some provincial ministers have also called for better support.