CBS Use of LA HD Multicast Channels Challenged

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CBS Use of LA HD Multicast Channels Challenged

Dec 16, 2009 2:43 PM, By Mark Krieger

Recent moves by CBS to extend the brand of some of its major market properties by carrying them on company-owned FM HD multicast channels is giving one of their competitors in the LA market a major case of heartburn, says a Dec. 12 story in Radio Business Report.

But instead of reaching for an antacid, Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters decided to call their Washington legal counsel instead, and has since filed a complaint with the FCC seeking "immediate termination of CBS importation of out-of-market CBS radio stations into the Los Angeles market."

Specifically at issue is the carriage of CBS KFRG from Riverside and KCSF from San Diego as HD Multicast channels on CBS FM stations in the LA market. Mount Wilson's counsel, Cohn & Marks, asserts that because CBS already maintains the maximum number of allowable radio and TV signals in the market, importing two more CBS signals from outside the market and distributing them on multicast channels constitutes a violation of current multiple ownership rules.

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