Clear Channel Donates Stations

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Clear Channel Donates Stations

Jul 20, 2010 12:00 PM

San Antonio and Washington - Jul 20, 2010 - Clear Channel Radio will donate two additional stations to the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC) through a program called the MMTC-Clear Channel Ownership Diversity Initiative. Clear Channel previously donated four AM stations to MMTC; two stations were recently awarded to minority broadcasters through this initiative.

The two newly donated channels are KFXN-AM, Minneapolis, MN; and WTOC-AM, Newton, NJ, Sussex County. Earlier this year, the company donated a transmitter to the MMTC, as well as several AM stations: WHJA AM, Laurel, MS; KYHN, Fort Smith, AK; KYFX, Wabasha, MN; and WYNF AM, North Augusta, SC.

Two of the original four stations donated, WHJA-AM and WYNF-AM, have been awarded to minority broadcasters to cover their respective communities. WHJA-AM was awarded to Shannon Renee deMedicis of Medici Media, and WYNF-AM was awarded to Jeffrey Hedgemon, CEO of Full Spectrum Broadcasting.

Shannon Renee deMedicis is the owner and president of Medici Media. She brings nearly 25 years of advertising and broadcast experience to her new responsibilities at WHJA-AM. Her past experience includes radio sales for companies including Billboard and several local radio stations in Georgia. DeMedicis also served as the LMA operator for WNRR 1230 AM in August, GA.

Jeffrey Hedgemon serves as president/CEO of Full Spectrum Broadcasting and has 40 years of experience in broadcasting. He began his broadcasting career in 1970 at WXOK AM in Baton Rouge, LA, as a part-time radio announcer while in high school. During his career, Hedgemon has worked on-air as well as in programming, production and sales and corporate management.

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