Clear Channel Radio Launches Program to Assist Unemployed Listeners

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Clear Channel Radio Launches Program to Assist Unemployed Listeners

May 20, 2009 10:28 AM

San Antonio, TX - May 20, 2009 - Clear Channel Radio launched a new initiative to help local listeners who seek employment to market their skills and unique features on the air to attract the attention of employers. 21 Clear Channel Radio stations will encourage listeners seeking employment to visit their websites and submit entries via an online form. Each station will choose five entrants per week to record his or her own 30-second radio resume where the individual will provide basic personal information and qualifications, and direct interested employers to the station's website where the entrants' full resumes will be posted.

The stations participating in the program: KATZ-FM St. Louis, MO
KBIG-FM Los Angeles, CA
KFBK Sacramento, CA
KKRW-FM Houston, TX
KOA-AM Denver, CO
KZSN-FM Wichita, KS
WDAS-FM Philadelphia, PA
WDXB-FM Birmingham, AL
WHJY-FM Providence, RI
WIOT-FM Toledo, OH WITH-FM Washington, DC
WMXD-FM Detroit, MI
WNCD-FM Youngstown, OH
WOLL-FM West Palm Beach, FL
WTVR-FM Richmond, VA
WUBL-FM Atlanta, GA
WUSY-FM Chattanooga, TN
WVOC-AM Columbia, SC
WYLD-FM New Orleans, LA

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