Clip Interactive Partners with Entercom Portland

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Clip Interactive Partners with Entercom Portland

Jul 21, 2014 4:19 PM

PORTLAND, Ore. � Today, Clip Interactive announced a new partnership with Entercom Communications to launch interactive mobile apps for all of their radio stations in the Portland market.

Entercom''s new Clip Radio-powered apps will enable listeners to interact with and respond to all elements of the broadcast and stream. Listeners can access a live content feed and browse all station content that they hear on air, creating a deep interaction with Entercom''s radio programming. Entercom''s new mobile apps will help drive listener engagement and significantly boost advertising revenue for each of their stations. Radio stations currently using Clip Interactive''s technology have seen unprecedented engagement and conversion rates for advertisers, opening an entirely new and significant revenue channel for broadcast radio.

�We''re excited to put the capabilities of interactive radio to work with Entercom''s Portland stations,� said Bill Freund, Chief Revenue Officer at Clip Interactive. �Our technology will increase Entercom''s user interactions and deliver better advertising results and increased ROI.�

�We are eager to work with Clip Interactive to expand our mobile strategy to now include the broadcast,� said Tim McNamara, Entercom Portland Vice President and General Manager. �Clip Interactive''s technology will make the over-the-air broadcast interactive, helping our radio stations build stronger relationships with our listeners � as well as increase our offering and benefits to advertisers.�

As of today, interactive mobile apps are available for the following Entercom Portland radio stations:

The new Entercom apps initiate more engagement from radio listeners by offering the ability to interact with what they hear on the radio � including downloading music, entering contests, accessing special offers, taking polls and responding to relevant advertiser messaging.