Comrex Access Provides Vital Coverage in Chile

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Comrex Access Provides Vital Coverage in Chile

May 11, 2010 4:52 PM

Devens, MA - Apr 30, 2010 - Bio Bio La Radio in Chile ordered and was prepared to put its new Comrex Access IP audio codecs into use to cover late-breaking news and sporting events. Not long after receiving the codecs, they were pressed into service to report on the Chilean Presidential elections and for coverage of the national soccer championships on ESPN Radio Bio Bio Sports. The Access units even provided play-by-play of the Liberators Cup from Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and Peru.

But when catastrophe struck the South American nation on Feb. 27, 2010, Bio Bio used its Access units to provide critical information to devastated listeners in a country torn apart by a massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake that left hundreds dead and destroying much of Southern Chile. Journalists Maria Carrasco, Richard Jimenez, Rodrigo Pino, Jorge Mu�oz used Access Portable codecs to report on the devastation from Concepcion, Santiago, Talcahuano and Dichato. The journalists were deployed throughout the country in Bio Bio radio station vehicles and also in police vans to help establish vital communications. According to Alejandro Marnich, Bio Bio manager of operations, immediately after the earthquake "all of the cell lines were down for two or three days before we were able to start the news coverage of the devastated areas of the central region." But once service was restored, he continues, "With the help of the Access we were permitted to go and cover where there was no other form of transmission. The most important for Bio Bio was the quality of the audio transmission."

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A Bio Bio La Radio reporter reports on the Chile earthquake using a Comrex Access portable codec.

While everyone at Comrex was aware that its products had been used in situations like this around the globe, the manufacturer was particularly moved by photos recently received from Bio Bio. Says Comrex Managing Director Kris Bobo, "We were setting up for the NAB Show in Las Vegas when we received the photos from Bio Bio. We were awestricken by the utter devastation. We've all dedicated ourselves to making quality products for just these kinds of situations but there was something much more profound in seeing these photos." She adds, "We are proud that our products were used to provide vital coverage in light of these tragic circumstances."

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