Comrex Offers BRIC Traversal Server Software to Users

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Comrex Offers BRIC Traversal Server Software to Users

Nov 2, 2009 2:41 PM

Devens, MA - Nov 2, 2009 - Comrex is making the software required to run its BRIC TS server available to end users. The BRIC Traversal Server is used in conjunction with Comrex Access IP codecs to allow the codecs to display a dynamic address book of other codecs in the user's group. BRIC TS alleviates several IP codec connection issues like changing IP addresses and routers and firewalls. BRIC TS users may continue to use the server maintained by Comrex, but now have the option to build their own.

The server software requires the free VMware player ( and can run on any platform supported by the player including Windows and Linux. Use of BRIC TS still requires a paid, one-time license unlock for each of the codecs utilizing it. The server software is available to Comrex Access owners free of charge on DVD media by contacting Comrex.

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