Currents Headlines from the August 2005 Issue

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Currents Headlines from the August 2005 Issue

Aug 1, 2005 1:00 AM

The online headlines from the August 2005 issue of Radio magazine.

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Ibiquity Launches Online Resource for Radio Stations
The HD Radio Playbook website combines how-to information and success stories with updated content to provide information on the challenges stations face as they convert to IBOC.

RAB Releases PPM Analysis
The preliminary report analyzes the commercial viability of the PPM from a research perspective. A PPM Economic Impact Study is being released separately.

Broadcast Electronics Plans HD Radio Seminar in Philly
The event will be held Sept. 21 during the NAB Radio Show at the Philadelphia Marriott.

Museum of Broadcast Communications Breaks Ground
Construction has begun on the new $21 million Museum of Broadcast Communications in downtown Chicago. The new MBC will open late summer 2006.

NPR Releases KCSN Booster Test Data
The engineering test report details the results of using synchronous booster transmitters with hybrid IBOC digital FM transmission systems.

Hilmer Swanson Dies
A Gates and Harris employee for 35 years, Swanson's first invention was an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. He was 72.

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