Currents Headlines from the January 2007 Issue

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Currents Headlines from the January 2007 Issue

Jan 1, 2007 1:00 AM

The online headlines from the January 2007 issue of Radio magazine.

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NAB Accepting 2007 Engineering Achievement Award Nominations
Nominations and letters of recommendation are due at the NAB by Jan. 19, 2007.

Canada Rules to Allow HD Radio
The CRTC has revised its policy for digital radio broadcasting to consider the HD Radio IBOC

HD Radio Multicasts Must Carry EAS on Dec. 31
An FCC ruling from November 2005 requires all digital signals to carry EAS�including multicast channels.

Cooley to Keynote NAB Radio Luncheon
Brian Cooley, the editor at large of, covers consumer electronics and personal technology, focusing on how technology can make life more efficient, fun and productive.

FCC Eliminates Morse Code Requirements for Hams
Applicants taking the test for the General and Amateur Extra licensees amateur radio license no longer need to pass the five words per minutes

FCC Appoints Members for WARN Committee
The Warning Alert and Response Network (WARN) Act directed the FCC to appoint members to serve on the Commission's Commercial Mobile Service Alert Advisory Committee. 40 people have been appointed to the group.

FCC Proposes Nationwide Broadband Public Safety Network
Located in the 700MHz band, the network would consist of 12MHz of spectrum assigned to a single private sector licensee designated by the FCC to set up and operate it.

Klotz Digital Redesigns Vadis Line, Ships New 888 Router
The redesigned 888 joins the previously released Vadis 212 router.

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