Currents Headlines from the March 2007 Issue

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Currents Headlines from the March 2007 Issue

Mar 1, 2007 1:00 AM

The online headlines from the March 2007 issue of Radio magazine.

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Sirius and XM Plan to Merge
The rumors of a possible merger between the two satellite radio providers has come true.

Ibiquity Unveils New Licensing Incentive Program
The program allows participating groups to lock in discounts on future station acquisitions, making it particularly advantageous to smaller groups and independent station owners.

NRSC Releases Results of AM Audio Study
The study will help the NRSC''s AM Broadcasting Subcommittee determine if any changes should be made to the NRSC standards that define optimal bandwidths for AM transmitters and receivers.

NAB Announces Engineering Achievement Award Winners
Victor Tawil of MSTV and Louis A. King of Kintronic Laboratories will be honored during the Technology Luncheon on April 18.

Orban Ships Optimod-DAB 6300
With 20kHz audio bandwidth and 48kHz internal sampling rate, the 6300 succeeds the Orban Optimod-DAB 6200.

R.V.R. to Manufacture HD Radio Equipment
Ibiquity Digital has licensed R.V.R. Elettronica to develop, manufacture and market HD Radio exciters for AM and FM.

Sharper Image Adds HD Radio
Retail stores carry the Boston Acoustics model now and will add the Sangean to its shelves in April.

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