DAB+ Testing Begins in Liverpool

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DAB+ Testing Begins in Liverpool

Sep 8, 2014 4:46 PM

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND�Folder Media has begun a test of DAB+ in the Liverpool area, on the channel 10D multiplex, according to Radio.nl. Their goal is to assess the performance of DAB+ with respect to the older technology of DAB, which is in use all across the U.K. DAB+ is in common use throughout Europe.

20 million DAB receivers have been sold in the U.K., but only 3 million of those are capable of decoding DAB+. The good news is that this year about 2//3 of the 2 million receivers sold are DAB+ capable.

Earlier this year the BBC announced that it would start with DAB + testing. Also, OFCOM decided to allocate 30% of the capacity of the proposed second nation-wide digital radio network to DAB+ transmissions. DAB uses the MP2 standard, whereas DAB+ uses HE-AAC version 2.