DAR Restructures With Amek

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DAR Restructures With Amek

Jan 2, 2002 12:00 PM

Manchester, England - Jan 2, 2002 - Harman International Industries has announced a restructuring program for Digital Audio Research (DAR), involving a relocation of the business to the new Amek Manchester location. The DAR products will benefit from AMEK's manufacturing facilities, ensuring product consistency and reliability.

The current DAR product range encompasses:

  • the SoundStation STORM networked audio workstation. Capable of handling large projects, SoundStation STORM is scaleable up to 128 internal tracks and supports sampling rates of up to 96kHz, plus 16 and 24-bit operation.
  • the 24-bit 8-track OMR8 disk recorder/editor system
  • the Trigger Audio Replay System - an instant-replay system for television productions, as well as for radio, theatre and live events.