Day Sequerra Ships M2A-FM Modulation Monitor

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Day Sequerra Ships M2A-FM Modulation Monitor

Dec 19, 2008 1:57 PM

West Berlin, NJ - Dec 19, 2008 - Day Sequerra is now shipping the M2A-FM, an analog FM monitor with world-wide tuning and de-emphasis settings. The M2A-FM is based on the M2 HD Radio monitor and shares many of its features.

The FM modulation monitor demodulates audio level, carrier modulation level, pilot and SCA injection, incidental AM noise and RBDS coding and display. The on-board preselector is sensitive yet selective, requiring only 15dBf for SNR -30dB referenced to 100 percent modulation.

The unit is HD Radio Ready so it can upgraded for HD Radio use. Also available is the optional Ethernet remote control package that comes bundled with the company's Remote Dashboard software that provides 100-station scanning, remote control monitoring, logging and alarms with E-mail alarm notification.