Deadline Approaches to End 700MHz Wireless Mic Use

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Deadline Approaches to End 700MHz Wireless Mic Use

Jun 4, 2010 4:07 PM

Washington - Jun 4, 2010 - The clock is ticking for users of wireless devices in the 700MHz band (698MHz to 806MHz) to have the devices retuned or cease use. Now that the DTV transition is complete (as of June 12, 2009), this spectrum is being made available for public safety and commercial wireless use.

By requiring wireless mic users to vacate the 700MHz band, the FCC is heading off the likelihood that interference from the wireless mics will harm the transmissions of the public safety community and wireless services industry. According to the commission, 700MHz wireless mic users who fail to vacate the band may face stiff penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

Additionally, low-power auxiliary stations operating in the 700MHz band must cease using the equipment by the deadline. These devices include wireless intercoms, wireless in-ear monitors (IEM), wireless audio instrument links and wireless cueing IFB equipment.

The commission has set up a website listing manufacturers and models of equipment that must be retuned or replaced. The website includes model-specific information arranged alphabetically by manufacturer name.

Additional information is posted on the FCC's wireless mic page.

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