December 2003 Contents Online

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December 2003 Contents Online

Dec 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Highlights of news items from the December 2003 issue.

RohnEnters Into Agreement for Sale of Assets
After having filed Chapter 11, Rohn has entered into an asset purchaseagreement with SPX, the parent company of Dielectric, Central Tower,TCI, Flash Technology and Flexline.

WNNKto Install Interleaved IBOC Antenna
Dielectric Communications is working with Cumulus on the installationof the Dielectric�s first interleaved analog/IBOC FMantenna.

OMTAcquires Assets of Musicmusicmusic
The parent company of Mediatouch, OMT, has purchased the assets of theformer Musicmusicmusic, a Toronto-based multimedia contentprovider.

FCC�sAdelstein Seeks Payola Probe
In a speech, the commissioner called for action in the recentpay-for-play practices in broadcasting, citing various practices usedby radio stations to charge record labels and artists for radio airplayand TV stations that charge to conduct interviews.

Microsoft�sSPOT Watches Delayed
The Dick Tracy-like watches equipped with Microsoft�s SmartPersonal Objects Technology (SPOT) won�t be available until earlynext year, missing the holiday shopping season target.

DRMIntros Participation Option
The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) consortium has unveiled a newparticipation option called DRM Supporter, which was created to fosterrapid DRM adoption and implementation in markets worldwide.