Digigram Partners With Agile Broadcast

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Digigram Partners With Agile Broadcast

Oct 14, 2014 2:28 PM

MONTBONNET, FRANCE�IP-based solution provider Digigram has added Australia's Agile Broadcast as a new distributor for Digigram products.

Agile Broadcast will not only serve as both a direct outlet for Digigram sound cards, but also work with broadcasters and engineering partners to promote and deliver enterprise solutions for audio-over-IP and video-over-IP applications.

�Working together, Agile Broadcast and Digigram provide a fully integrated approach to content delivery and distribution solutions for radio and television broadcasters alike,� said Adrian Harper, founder and director of Agile Broadcast.

Agile Broadcast specializes in providing technical solutions tailored to the needs of customers across the Australian broadcast industry. The company offers radio broadcast engineering solutions, from consultancy and installations to repairs and maintenance.