Digigram Supplies Broadcast Electronics with IQOYA*LINK for RIAB Project

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Digigram Supplies Broadcast Electronics with IQOYA*LINK for RIAB Project

Jul 26, 2011 9:40 AM

Grenoble, France, and Quincy, IL - Jul 26, 2011 - Digigram, recently supplied more than 100 IQOYA*LINK IP audio codec devices to Broadcast Electronics. The IQOYA*LINKs were supplied as part of a radio in a box project commissioned by the U.S. government for armed forces in Afghanistan.

The finished product is a portable studio -- a radio in a box (RIAB) -- that enables the user to broadcast in stereo from a central location to 100 different locations over an IP network using a satellite link. At the heart of the system is the IQOYA*LINK stereo distribution codec, which handles all audio transmission up- and downstream. The satellite link is bi-directional with 1Mbit/s bandwidth down and 512Kbit/s up. Two return feeds selected from the 100 remote sites have to be decoded at the central location.

"One of the great things about this system is that there is a head end site, and this gives the broadcaster the opportunity to do things locally at any of the 100 sites and send that back to the main site for redistribution of local content to all kinds of different locations," noted Tom Beck, BE senior RF product manager.

Two IQOYA *LINKs are used at the central site for encoding the program, and streaming it in multicast, decoding two return feeds and can be used for redundancy as well. GPIOs and RS-232 data connected to the IQOYA *LINK are also transmitted to the remote sites. As they are carried by the IP audio stream, all the destinations receive the same data.

The two IQOYA *LINKs also receive up to two return feeds from the remote sites. Two remote sites sending the return streams can be selected at any moment among the 100 sites. In multicast, both the satellite up link and down link receive the same number of IP audio streams: one program and two return feeds. The judicious choice of compression formats means that a total bandwidth of 300kb/s is available for IP audio, leaving enough bandwidth for control data and guaranteeing high audio quality.

In addition to the portable studio, BE has taken things a step further and built a complete studio/transmitter device. Digigram's IQOYA*LINK remains at the heart of the audio management, but BE has added a 1kW FM transmitter along with a mixer and audio processor to enable broadcasting from any remote location from 250W to 1kW. Combined with any telescopic mast and a broadband antenna, users can now benefit from a full studio and transmitter in a sturdy, shockproof case.

Both devices are ideally suited to disaster relief, difficult locations, emergency broadcasting, war zones, remote expeditions etc. and for use as portable back-up systems.

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