Digital Radio an Important Topic at the RadioAsia 2014 Conference

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Digital Radio an Important Topic at the RadioAsia 2014 Conference

May 27, 2014 9:24 AM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB AMD

Colombo, Sri Lanka - May 24, 2014 - Digital radio was among the topics discussed during the last day of the RadioAsia 2014 Conference.

Digital radio broadcasting has become an important topic in at least four Asian countries. In Hong Kong, DAB+ has been on-air for some time, with 15 stations already available; in Malaysia, trials have started; and in Thailand and Indonesia, tests of the technology are slated for this year, according to AsiaRadioToday.

One issue that has slowed down acceptance of digital radio has been lack of support from automobile manufacturers. Bernie O'Neill, project director of World DMB, and a panelist at the conference, said, however, that 55 percent of new vehicles in the UK are coming with DAB radios as standard equipment. Even so, Albert Tseng, of Keystone Semiconductor, said that acceptance of digital radio technology was still slow, and that so-called "killer-apps" and more compelling content were needed ultimately for the technology to succeed.

Sharud Sadhu of India's public broadcaster All India Radio (AIR) gave an update on AIR's roll-out of DRM, telling the audience that AIR continues to commission new DRM-capable transmitters, making it the World's largest shortwave DRM service. Medium Wave services are planned, and an estimated 78 DRM transmitters will provide service to about 70 percent of India's population. Sadhu called on manufacturers to produce chipsets that can be used for FM, DAB, DAB+ and DRM radios.

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