Digital Radio Emergency Warning Functionality Tested in Germany

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Digital Radio Emergency Warning Functionality Tested in Germany

Dec 15, 2014 3:15 PM

MUNICH�Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF) for DAB+ was recently demonstrated successfully in Germany by 4 organizations that developed it.

Fraunhofer IIS allows for the insertion of the necessary EWF messages by way of their DAB Content Server. The test transmissions were sent by Bavaria Radio; the receivers were manufactured by NOXON; and finally the TMT IT service provided the software used for collection of the emergency warnings and the subsequent forwarding to the Content Server.

The test demonstration, carried out in the early part of November, referred to a serious train accident in the village of Speicher, which caused many injuries and released toxic chemicals in to the environment.

The EWF message system works like this: after triggering the system, the warning message is sent to the broadcast network, after which each DAB+ receiver switches to the emergency program. Radios that are in �standby'' mode wake up and play the emergency messages as well. Additionally, multi-lingual messages can be relayed via scrolling-text displays on the radios. These messages can include detailed information on the situation; competent local contacts; the affected area; and the correct action to take in the emergency.

To read more on the test, please see this article from the Fraunhofer audio blog.