Digital Radio is Major Focus of IFA 2011

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Digital Radio is Major Focus of IFA 2011

Sep 7, 2011 11:09 AM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB

Berlin - Sep 7, 2011 - One month after the launch of new digital radio system in Germany, digital radio is one of the main themes at the world's biggest consumer electronics show - IFA 2011 Berlin, which was held Sept. 2-7, 2011. Public and commercial broadcasters are focusing on digital radio as part of their IFA presentations.

Deutschlandradio (with three programs now heard on digital: Dradio Wissen, Deutschland Kultur and Deutschlandfunk) showed a range of commercially available digital radio devices, in addition to providing information on the regional and nationwide development of digital radio.

Under the slogan "Radio for the Future" at the Digital World stand the ARD presented information on new programs on-air and the data services now available on digital radio.

To underline the importance of digital radio at this year's IFA there was a digital radio day. All key stakeholders from the digital radio sector in Germany and Europe visited the Red Lounge at IFA on Sept. 5 to join the event. Among other things, the day started with a presentation called "Europe looks to Germany," focusing on the impact of the role out of digital radio in Germany and for the rest of Europe. Further, on the same day, another event was arranged so retailers, manufacturers and the members of the Receiver Working Group could give previews of their new products. The event, aimed at key decision makers and journalists, offered a view of the development of products about to enter the digital radio market.

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