Digital Radio U.K. Supports Initiatives to Promote In-Car DAB

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Digital Radio U.K. Supports Initiatives to Promote In-Car DAB

Nov 14, 2014 9:19 AM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

LONDON�SMMT figures show that, in the U.K., about 6 in 10 new cars are coming with DAB radios as standard equipment. Even so, of 35 million cars in the country, less than 4 million have DAB radios installed.

In the U.K., 22 per cent of all radio listening taking place in the car � and 93 per cent of drivers saying they listen to the radio in the car.

For these reasons, according to,Digital Radio U.K. is supporting a couple of initiatives. First, from November onward, all radio-fund license reminders will be sent in envelopes carrying messages about digital radio and the U.K.''s �digital radio tick-mark'' accreditation symbol that indicates the �future-proof'' design of new radios.

Secondly, next year an ad campaign featuring Suzi Perry will start and from spring onwards, promotions will be focused on increasing in-car listening.

Increasing the penetration rates for digital radios in vehicles already in use on U.K. roads is an important step towards achieving the 50 per cent radio listening goal that''s part of the digital radio switchover criteria there.