DK-Technologies Releases New 5.1 Audio Meter Software

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DK-Technologies Releases New 5.1 Audio Meter Software

Sep 22, 2008 11:14 AM

Copenhagen, Denmark - Sep 22, 2008 - New 5.1 software upgrades for the DK-Technologies flagship MSD series of audio meters (MSD600M++, PT0600M, PT0660M and PT0660M-LS) has been released. The new software includes a new Starfish display that allows users to see what they are hearing when they are listening in surround sound. It is based on the company's Jellyfish display, but it displays an image of the acoustic audio levels as they are experienced by the listener. This information is given alongside the images already provided by Jellyfish, which shows audio levels supplied to the center, left/right and left/right rear speakers.

The new software also includes loudness measuring methods that provide new additions to the LEQ (m) and Flat Filtering methods already available in earlier versions. The new software will also display SMPTE timecode and adds the BLITS 5.1 surround sound test tone sequence.