Dmarc Loses Arbitration with Google

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Dmarc Loses Arbitration with Google

Sep 16, 2009 11:07 AM

Sep 15, 2009 - Former Shareholders of Dmarc have lost their suit against Google for not acting in good faith following Google's acquisition of Dmarc in January 2006. The suit sought damages of $720 million. Google bought Dmarc for about $100 million.

Dmarc had acquired the Scott Studios automation system to pair with Dmarc's ad placement system. Google relaunched the ad placement service as Google Audio Ads. Google closed the Audio Ads service earlier in 2009.

The Dmarc shareholders claimed damages, but a three-judge panel said there was no evidence that Google breached any agreement. It went further to say that even if Google had breached, the shareholders had apparently not suffered any harm casually related to Google's actions.

Google's radio automation service and related assets were sold to Wide Orbit in August 2009.

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