DRM Welcomes 1st Symposium in Moscow

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DRM Welcomes 1st Symposium in Moscow

Oct 8, 2007 9:53 AM

Bonn, Germany � Digital Radio Mondiale is the topic of conversation at the 1st International DRM Symposium in Russia which takes place Oct. 9-12 in Moscow at the President Hotel. More than 150 attendees from all over the world are expected. The attendees'' high level of expertise is reflected in the caliber of the topics that will be discussed during the symposium. These range from technical aspects concerning DRM broadcasts to DRM commercial strategy with DRM receivers. The symposium presents a complete insight into DRM and its concept of implementation in Russia. The digital broadcasting system for long-, medium- and short-wave offers a dramatic improvement over the crackle and pop of analogue AM. Besides providing a near FM quality sound, the DRM system gives the option to integrate data and text. Two DRM special frequencies for the symposium are broadcasted. The DRM consortium welcomes the first DRM symposium in Russia as an important step in the national development of DRM in Russia and all over the world.

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