DRM Workshop Planned for India

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DRM Workshop Planned for India

Feb 19, 2009 2:29 PM

New Delhi, India - Feb 19, 2009 - With the growing interest shown by India in the adoption of the DRM digital radio system, the DRM consortium is organizing presentations and a dedicated DRM session during the BES Expo International Conference to be held in Delhi from Feb. 23-25, 2009.

On the opening day, DRM will conduct a specialized workshop covering many aspects of the technology and its usage. About 40 engineers of All India Radio (AIR) stations from India have expressed interest in the DRM workshop to prepare for the planned conversion by the national broadcaster. A two hour DRM session will be held on Feb. 24 to discuss multiple delivery platforms.

During BES, attendees will be able to hear the special transmission of the recently launched Deutsche Welle (DW) and BBC channel for Europe. DW will offer this additional DRM transmission from Trincomalee (Sri Lanka) to India (New Delhi) from Feb. 22 to 26 at 0500-0759 UTC on 12.055MHz. DW has also regular DRM transmission to India from 0800 UTC to 0859 UTC on 12.005MHz.

Indian state broadcaster AIR is already broadcasting in DRM from one of its high-power shortwave transmitter located at Khampur near Delhi. The DRM service was formally launched on Jan. 16, 2009, and almost five hours of transmissions are aimed at listeners in the UK and Europe.

AIR, the national public service broadcaster of India, has a network of 232 broadcasting centers with 149 medium-wave, 54 short-wave and 171 FM transmitters.

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