EAS False Tones in "Skyline" Movie Ad

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EAS False Tones in "Skyline" Movie Ad

Nov 10, 2010 3:01 PM

Nov 9, 2010 - The Society of Broadcast Engineers discovered another commercial that uses EAS header tones in the audio of the TV commercial. According to SBE chapter 15 Chairman Tom Ray, the spot is for the movie "Skyline," and the ISCI code on the spot is UPSU3132H. Midway through the EAS header tones are clearly heard. When decoded, the tones appear to be a replay of an RMT for central Pennsylvania.

The EAS tones do not include an EOM, which means if the spot is decoded by a station's EAS decoder in an area that is included in the FIPS codes, the station's EAS decoder could be left open for two minutes with the contributing station's audio.

The SBE suggests that TV stations check their inventories for this spot and take whatever actions they deem appropriate to ensure false EAS tones are not transmitted. To date, a radio version of the spot has not been heard.

Ray provided a sample of the TV spot, and SBE Past President Barry Thomas extracted the audio portion with the EAS tones. Thomas applied some EQ to the audio file to filter the extraneous noise.

TV spot as Windows Media Video

Audio from TV spot as MP3

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