EBU Details Technology of Visual Radio Project

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EBU Details Technology of Visual Radio Project

Aug 20, 2014 1:20 PM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

Geneva, Switzerland�More details have come to light as to the methods to be used in the EBU''s upcoming �Visual Radio Project'' that will showcase new technology during the upcoming European Athletics Championships.

EBU Technology & Innovation has developed the system that consists of different elements:

  • � Data ingest, for acquiring raw metadata from Swiss Timing and storage of said data in a database
  • � Data processing, for the transformation and filtering of data, and presentation to the production platform
  • � Content management, which is the rendering of the visual elements, out of the input data. It''s operated by a producer at the event but could be automated.
  • � Data dispatch, which is the delivery of the content to the participating broadcasters; it consists of raw images sent by ftp or directly by RadioVIS for hybrid radio or web integration

These tools will be made available as open source on the EBU.io platform for software exchange giving an opportunity to broadcasters to give feedback, to reuse, or to participate to the future evolutions, according to EBU news.

Since �radio'' now includes devices with color screens, in the car, at home, and on the mobile devices, broadcasters must thing think about providing these screens with attractive visual elements. It is important to mention that this is not about making television; rather, the visual radio slideshow is something that listeners glance at for summary information. EBU expects that the visual elements will also �provide a feeling and branding to the audio program.�