EBU Forms Strategic Program on Digital Radio Platforms

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EBU Forms Strategic Program on Digital Radio Platforms

Dec 2, 2013 10:13 AM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB

Dec 2, 2013 - The http://www.ebu.ch">European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Strategic Program on Digital Radio Platforms (SP-DRP) was recently created to help members to clarify their strategies, to identify work to be done, and to exchange ideas on technologies for digital radio that now exist.

SP-DRP is actually the only group under the EBU Technical Committee focused specifically on radio matters. It is chaired by Javier S�nchez P�rez of RNE (Spanish National Radio).

Previously there were no platform-agnostic groups to consider all these technologies together, and no forum in which public broadcasters could exchange ideas between themselves on the strategies and technical developments. This is the role that SP-DRP fills.

A number of new trends are under discussion in the context of SP-DRP. These include:
� Hybrid Radio: How do systems connect? What is the experience? How to produce content and services? Could there be a "Second screen" for radio?
� Mobile Integration: Collaboration with the Universal Smartphone Project; use cases.
� Production: Automation of processes, metadata extraction, visual radio production.
� Advanced Audio applications for radio: Use of binaural and surround in radio; use cases, showcases.

Of course the group cannot address all these topics at the same time so it will decide on a prioritization of the objectives.

More on the topics can be learned by reading the December 2013 edition of EBU's Tech-i, which has a particular focus on radio topics.

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