Electro-Voice Celebrates 75th Anniversary

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Electro-Voice Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Mar 19, 2002 12:00 PM

Burnsville, MN - Feb 28, 2002 - Telex Communications announces the 75th anniversary of Electro-Voice, a professional audio company and manufacturer of wired/wireless microphones, loudspeakers, power amplifiers, electronics, and mixing consoles for music industry, fixed installation, commercial sound, concert sound, broadcast, aviation, and military applications.

Originally founded in 1927 by Al Kahn and Lou Burroughs in South Bend, IN, Electro-Voice has grown into one of the giants of the professional audio industry. Having taken its name from a P.A. system designed for the Notre Dame football coach legend Knute Rocke - who called the system his "electric voice" - Electro-Voice has earned a high reputation in the microphone industry.

EV was first recognized for the invention of the humbucking coil in 1934 and the noise-canceling microphone in 1942 - two advances that put Electro-Voice''s annual production near 1 million microphones. The company was also among the first to use Alnico magnets, which substantially improved frequency response and handling noise. The development of Acoustalloy, a synthetic plastic, made dynamic microphones practical for studio use. Electro-Voice, besides receiving a special war citation at the end of WWII for the development of the T-45 lip microphone, won an Academy Award in 1963 for their advances in the world of film sound with the 642 shotgun mic. EV also made significant contributions to the sound of jazz, blues, and rock n'' roll. Another development - Variable-D - prevents proximity effect, the up-close bass boost, and provides a more uniform frequency response. Variable-D is a key feature of the RE20. More recently, EV was the first to bring Neodymium-based N/DYM dynamic microphones to market.