Enco and Stratosaudio Partnership Signed at CES

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Enco and Stratosaudio Partnership Signed at CES

Jan 10, 2002 12:00 PM

CES, Las Vegas - Jan 10, 2002 - Enco Systems announced that it has signed an agreement with Stratosaudio to work together in enabling interactivity with conventional analog AM/FM radio, with the first live installations in place 2Q2002. Enco is the first automation manufacturer to enable a real-time direct feed to the Stratosaudio Broadcast Management Software. Stratosaudio has been testing and demonstrating interactivity with conventional radio using the Enco Systems DADpro32 software over the past three months, and Stratosaudio commented that Enco has demonstrated its forward-thinking vision by actively participating throughout Stratosaudio's development process.

Enco cited the increasing competition in the broadcast industry worldwide as the main reason for its agreement with Stratosaudio in providing a new revenue stream to broadcasters.

Stratosaudio's worldwide patent-pending technology will allow radio listeners and mobile phone users in Europe and the United States to instantly purchase music and other content, respond to advertisements, and interact with talk shows at the press of a button while listening to the radio. Stratosaudio Inc. is headquartered in Century City, CA.