Enco Supports HD Radio Itunes Tagging

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Enco Supports HD Radio Itunes Tagging

Apr 1, 2008 2:36 PM

Southfield, MI - Mar 26, 2008 - Enco Systems will add support for Itunes Tagging for HD Radio to its DAD Digital Audio Delivery system. Enco notes that the update will be made available to DAD users at no additional cost or monthly service charge.

As previously reported, Itunes Tagging allows listeners to tag songs they like that are broadcast by HD Radio stations. Information about these tagged songs is stored by the receiver and transferred to the listener's Ipod. When the Ipod is connected to a computer, Itunes automatically presents the songs in a new tagged playlist so the user can preview, buy and download the tagged songs. Radio broadcasters can share in the revenue derived from song purchases made by their listeners.

Enco's implementation will be delivered in an upcoming release of DAD and be supported in an upcoming release of Padapult, Enco's multipurpose real-time data delivery engine.

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