E-radio, CBC/Radio-Canada Team on Smart Grid Control

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E-radio, CBC/Radio-Canada Team on Smart Grid Control

Jan 11, 2010 10:38 AM

Toronto, ON - Jan 8, 2010 - E-Radio and CBC/Radio-Canada have successfully tested a new technology to improve electricity consumption. The introduction of smart grid technology by utility companies allows electricity providers to better manage power use. Utilities are looking for technology to effectively utilize and supplement their investment in smart grid technology as they continue to look for balance between growth in demand, generation, supply and distribution constraints, and impact to the environment.

E-Radio's technology uses an FM subcarrier to activate smart-grid-enabled devices and appliances. One example: A homeowner loads his dishwasher at 7 p.m. - peak demand time - and walks away. The E-Radio technology then finds the appropriate time of night to wirelessly activate the dishwasher.

The CBC/Radio-Canada FM signals reach close to 99 percent of the Canadian population.

E-Radio performed the first successful live transmission from CBC Radio 2 on 94.1MHz in Toronto to the FM RBDS receiver module, triggering various load control devices.