Established Austrian Broadcasters Drop Opposition to DAB+

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Established Austrian Broadcasters Drop Opposition to DAB+

Oct 14, 2013 8:01 PM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB

Vienna - Oct 14, 2013 - Until recently, DAB+ had little future in Austria. It was rumored that the Austrian media Regulator, KommAustria, had yielded to the lobby of public broadcasters ORF and the association of commercial broadcasters in Austria, VOP. This lobby was interested in preventing further competition in the country (at least according to However, this same lobby has evidently changed its position now -- a surprising turnaround, since until recently, it saw no benefit in DAB+. The late president of the VOP, Klaus Schweighofer, was quoted in the magazine Horizont as saying "Last summer [2012] we conducted a fierce debate about DAB+. It is an illusion to believe that FM will remain forever. Now is the time for an offensive. "

For nearly 10 years (ending in 2008) DAB testing occurred around Austria. By the end of 2013, test DAB+ transmissions will commence in Vienna. DAB + is currently being rolled out in the neighboring countries of Germany, Switzerland and Italy. There is one DAB+ transmitter site already in Austria, at Pfander in Bregenz on Lake Constance, mainly because of its proximity to both Germany and Switzerland. Swiss Public broadcasters use channel 12C, Swiss commercial broadcasters use channel 7D, German public broadcasters use channel 8D, and German commercial broadcasters use channels 11D and 12B all from that location.

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