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Out here on the West Coast, September represents the end of summer
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Out here on the West Coast, September represents the end of summer, and it�s still hot on most days. However, I know in many parts of the country leaves are already turning, and high school sports are playing their usual fall role. Consequently, we�re following a bit of a joint theme this month: sports and AM radio.

But first, Lee Petro will bring you up to speed on the nationwide EAS test that is scheduled for the 28th of this month. Were you aware of the prohibitions relating to the advertisements of e-cigarettes? If not, you should read FCC Update right away. Ignorance is no excuse, as far as the commission is concerned � of course, if you read the magazine regularly, you�re probably well aware of that.

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Chris Wygal is back in this issue, this time with his review of the Yamaha TF3 mixer. While its role is mainly for front-of-house applications, some of you might want to try it for remotes. It certainly has the capacity to do that, and more. Check it out in Field Report.

I know thousands and thousands of sports remotes have been done over the years in the same tried-and-true method:two mics, single bus mixer and a Marti. I�m going to suggest, though, that it�s time to add some sizzle to your remotes. If you follow professional or college level sports, you quickly come to appreciate all the technology used in producing them. This month�s Trends in Technology column is meant to give you some easy-to-implement ideas for improving the quality of your local sports remotes.

Jeremy Ruck is our resident expert in AM radio engineering, and this month he�s back with some ideas about how to increase revenue using your AM towers. And along those same lines, the Wandering Engineer waxes poetic about tall towers in Sign Off. I know many engineers who feel the same way he/she does.

Each month, we endeavor to teach you something new. For September, Colorado Public Radio is featured as our facility showcase. They�ve built a great new facility, all based on audio-over-IP. How soon will you apply this same technology to your facility, if you haven�t already?

Dennis Sloatman returns with his series on programmable logic controllers. This month, he goes into the inner workings of the device, describing the tag database. If this topic is new to you, then please read the first two articles, found in our July and August editions if you want more background. (If you�ve misplaced your copies, remember that you can find links to the digital edition archive at radiomagonline.com/currentissuearchive.)

We�ve talked about SNMP extensively. However, what if the networked function you need is associated with an older piece of gear that doesn�t support SNMP? Is there still a way to use it? The answer in many cases is �yes� �check out Tech Tips this month for some ideas on how to make it work for you.

I�m attending the fall Radio Show in Nashville at the end of the month, and I hope to meet many of you. If you haven�t given any thought to the show, check out our Radio show 2016 preview. It might not be too late to make some travel plans!


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